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Get to know why people like to cosplay

Cosplay is a way of expressing creativity, appreciation and fascination. Sewing clothing is a fun challenge for some people; others like the creative process and growing attached to projects that are made by themselves. Some find it therapeutic to engage in constructive play after a long day at work or school. For others, doing a cosplay project is not just another artistic endeavor; it is a way to express themselves and develop their own identity.

Costuming can be a great way to meet other cosplayers and make friends with people who have a similar passion as you. Cosplay can be used both as an artistic expression and a social activity; many people who do cosplay find it very fun to get dressed up for conventions, meetings and photo shoots. There are some anime conventions that do not require costumers to wear masks or show their faces in the photos, making them more comfortable for those who are uncomfortable with those elements of costuming.

Why do people like to cosplay?

1. To express creativity.

This is the most obvious reason people like to cosplay. People who are interested in fashion design, sewing, visual arts and other crafts often like to create their own Cosplay costumes. There is a lot of work involved in creating a good costume; it is fun to see people's different talents in cosplay and admire the things they have created by themselves. It is fascinating to see how cosplayers get into character when they transform into their favorite characters; it is interesting how they immerse themselves into their roles.

2. To be creative and make friends with other cosplayers

Cosplayers appreciate and encourage each other's work by showing these off at conventions, photo shoots and other events. Some cosplayers enjoy the social aspect of cosplay and may not necessarily care about the creative side of it. Many people like to meet other people with common interests and develop friendships based on mutual affection towards a certain anime, manga, game or movie series. There is a sense of fellowship in being part of an anime convention culture; many cosplayers get together to share ideas and inspiration for new costumes.

3. As a fun hobby that also helps relieve stress after work or school

Cosplaying gives you an opportunity to be creative, make friends and have fun if you know how to do it well. Like many activities, there are different ways to enjoy costuming. You can try to think of the most creative or original design, or you can focus on the social aspects. There are many anime conventions held around the world; if you look for events near you, you may find cosplayers who are attending with their friends to have fun and make new friends.

4. Some cosplayers do it as a form of therapy

Cosplay can help some people cope with their problems and phobias. Sometimes people who are suffering from a psychological problem or the stress of daily life might have difficulty concentrating and focus on their everyday tasks. Cosplaying, being in costume and playing a character that is not real can help them escape from their routine lives. Wearing costumes that allow them to be creative and express themselves can relieve some of their stress and depression. There are many costumers who do cosplay because they know it helps relieve stress by letting them forget about all that stressful stuff for a little while.

5. To learn new skills

Many cosplayers learn how to sew or construct their own costumes by themselves. They can try stitching together their own clothes, creating masks, props and other unusual elements for their costumes. Simple sewing skills are a good starting point for many of those who want to be cosplayers; it does not mean you have to be a master seamstress to do costuming well. Working with inexpensive materials and cheap tools can help you get into the costuming hobby without breaking the bank. There are many tutorials on various websites showing cosplayers how they made these items; they can start out with simple stuff like cardboard masks or craft foam that is readily available at local stores.

6. As a serious art form

Many cosplayers are not afraid to admit that they think costuming is an art form. They treat it with the same respect as other forms of art; cosplay is commonly accepted in anime conventions around the world. There are many cosplayers who try their best to make costumes as accurate and elaborate as possible. Cosplayers who go all out with their costumes can be very impressive; they use a lot of time and materials on their projects, making sure every detail is perfect. There are some demanding anime designers who wish to see more realistic costumes; this has created an opportunity for these cosplayers to work very hard on their projects.

7. Cosplaying is a form of escapism

Some people want to step out of their ordinary lives and live in a fantasy world. Cosplaying is a way to temporarily escape from reality and become someone (or something) else for a while. There are some cosplayers who like to be in costume very often, even when they are going to work, school or other places. Because it makes them feel so good, they wish to keep this feeling as long as possible. There are many cosplayers who have done cosplay for a long time, making costumes and props for many years.

8. Cosplay is a hobby that makes money

There are some cosplayers who get into costuming as a hobby, but do not earn much money at it. It is possible to make enough money doing cosplay to be able to live off it; the best way to do this is by attending conventions and photo shoots regularly. Being in costume at events can give you an opportunity to meet other people with whom you may want to form friendship or business relationships.


The above are some of the reasons why people like to cosplay. If you are interested in the hobby, there are many things you can do to get started. Research different anime series and movies to see what costumes interest you. For example, if you like the steampunk subculture, look at some of the costumes from Steam boy and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; if you like comics, go to your local comic shop and take a look at all the action figures they have on display. If there are any cosplayers who dress as your favorite characters or use your favorite props, try to talk with them so they can give you advice on how to get started.

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