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Welcome to Our cosplay store!

Our website available plus size cosplay costumes custom-made!

If you are a cosplayer, you know skimping on quality can be the difference between a frumpy, sad cosplay and one that wins competitions and gets people to stop you to take your picture ! However, high quality costumes are hard to come by and their price can become really prohibitive, putting off a lot of people that just want to have fun and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank and burning a hole through their pocket. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a Cosplay store made by fans for fans and that is the perfect marriage between high quality materials and affordability ?Well, now there is !

High Quality Custom-tailor Cosplay for all your needs

Our is a professional online cosplay costumes store and we offer high quality, carefully handmade get ups to an international market. We have clients all over the world. We have sold to hundreds of countries and we have fans and customers in many parts of the globe: Japan, the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany...... With many years of experience in the area of handmade cosplay (custom plus size cosplay), our thousands of satisfied clients are to us like a big family that is bound together by their love of manga, anime and comics. We can guarantee, if you join our big family you will not regret it ! We ourselves are a team of anime and manga fans, so we offer plenty of different costumes from different series: from classic, well known series such as Sailor Moon or Evangelion to current, trendy animes such as Kimetsu no Yaiba, Love Live or the Promised Neverland to more obscure series such as Rozen Maiden or To Your Eternity. We know what's it like to want to cosplay your favourite character but not be able to, so our goal was to offer that opportunity to others by crafting all our pieces with a lot of love and care. Just scroll through our catalog and we guarantee you are going to find something perfect for you !

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