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Tips For How To Make Your First Cosplay

by Isaac Pang 09 May 2022 0 Comments

If you are a new cosplayer who likes to dress up and show at conventions, then this article is for you! You can also find this information on online cosplay store. This article will go over the basics of starting cosplay and what it takes to make your first cosplay. The first step to making your first cosplay is deciding on a character that you would like to portray. You can use the internet or even books, but it may take some time before you find someone close enough that suits your needs. Once we have decided upon our characters, then we need to take note of their general appearance in order to aid us when looking for materials.

If you are designing your character, I highly recommend that you use a character sketch and not trying to draw all the time. Whenever you are drawing your character, try to draw him/her from different angles and while they are at a different position. Also, when drawing, take note of the things that may be difficult to accomplish. If a weapon or accessory is very long, then make the shape of it for easier use.

Once we have our characters decided upon and sketched out, then we need to decide on what materials will be used in its construction of the costume [that includes pattern paper, cardboard or fabric]. For example, if our character is a cat, it would be best to make more of an outfit rather than a full body suit [I can't just imagine someone having to go around in public in a full body cat suit]. Do you want your cosplay to look as realistic as possible or do you want it to be more of an anime/cartoon type? If what you are doing is more realistic, then it is recommended using fabric like cotton or even silk. However, if your cosplay is more of an anime/cartoon type, then it is ideal that you use something else like foam board and other types of craft foam.

Once you have decided on the materials that will be used for your cosplay material needs are next. Now, you do not need an actual cosplay shop to start out, since there is a lot of material needed for cosplaying. Some of these materials are patterns, glue guns, hot glue sticks and materials such as cotton and other fabrics. If you are doing more of an anime/cartoon type cosplay [like if half of your character is a piece of cardboard], then you will need multiple colors of craft foam board, glue sticks and craft knife. Other items that can be used are felt tip markers in different colors, black sharpie markers and other types of pens.

Next step would be to brainstorm on how the costume can be constructed with the materials that we have decided upon using. Most designers would suggest that if you are just making an outfit for your character that you have already have a bodysuit or clothes to work with. If you do not, then I recommend using paper or cardboard. You can also use felt or fabric [but those are more expensive]. If you are doing a full body costume, then I highly recommend using paper or cardboard.

After all of this, the next step would be to start on the barrier of your cosplay and this can be done with any materials that we decided upon using. Do remember to not use anything toxic when working on the materials as they may harm your skin and make things sticky in some cases. Also, if you do decide to use cardboard, try to make it out of paper or card stock as it is easier to work with.

The last step that you will need to take would be making a pattern and this can also be done with any materials that we decided upon using. If you are going to work on your pattern at home then I recommend using fabric ink pens and carpenter's glue. Other materials such as tape can also be used for holding the design together.

After this, the final step would be to do some alterations and this is done with any materials that we decided upon using such as fabric paint or spray paint. Other materials can also be used such as pencils, washi tape and sewing thread. Also, if you do not know what something is called, then ask someone who knows about those kind of things. You could also look up tutorials on the internet that explain in detail how to make the alterations.

Once you have made the alterations, then your first cosplay can be finished! You can add this as a visual to your blog/website and use this as a tutorial for other people who may want to make their own cosplays.

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