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Shingekinokyojin Cosplay Hugely Popular

For anyone who enjoys cosplay, it's well worth noting that some characters are more popular than others. One of the hottest ones today is Attack on Titan cosplay that's been a huge hit worldwide, but is especially noticeable at Comic Con. Within a few minutes of arriving at Comic Con, it's easy to notice the cosplayers imitating their favorite characters.
While there are variations on this costume, a basic outfit is favored by most fans. White pans and shrt paired with knee-high leather boots and a cropped medium brown jacket make up this oufit. The most noticeable parts of the outfit are the black buckle straps around the legs of the boots as well as badges with white and navy wings present on the jacket. It's common to see cosplayers passing each other and stopping for a moment, placing their right hand in a firm fist over their chests and the other behind their back in the traditional suit. 

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Jaeger Cosplay Costume Full Set
Attack On Titan's Cult Following

For those unfamiliar or new to cosplay, Attack on Titan is a hugely popular Japanese manga comic which was recently turned into a tv program. The plot of the show and the comic is that human beings were once almost exterminated by monsters known as titans. These monsters eat humans for fun rather than a food source. The few survivors of the attacks protected themselves by building walls surrounding their city. However, a few hundred years later after the initial attack, the creatures returned for vengeance. The main characters are a teenage boy called Eren, his foster sister Mikasa and a new friend Armin who join the military service that's dedicated to wiping these creatures from existence.

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Cosplay Events

Although some of the largest cosplay groups can be seen a conventions like Comic Con, there are groups across the country who regularly meet to celebrate and connect about the show. They meeting using social media and create online event pages to organize their meetups. They'll even show up for photoshoots, with each person showing off their cosplay costume.

What exactly makes Attack on Titan cosplay so popular though? The gripping storylines of the show are certainly one of the biggest draws. People from around the world connect with these characters and their struggle. They understandably want to show their ability to portray these characters, especially with other like-minded people. It certainly helps as well that these cosplay costumes are easy to put together. Most people probably even have some of the basic items and can supplement their wardrobe with a few select cosplay pieces.

Cosplay has been around for years, but Attack on Titan cosplay is fairly new. For anyone interested in the show and wanting to join this group of loyal followers, there is probably a group in the area, especially for anyone who lives in a city. While many of the cosplay crowd are teenagers, they certainly can be found at all ages. For anyone who enjoys cosplay and wants to explore this particular style, it's easy to pull off and has a significant following. The costumes are also well-crafted and combine elements of military and steampunk styles that are popular today.