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Lolita Dress: Must have for your stylish wardrobe

Evolved in Japan as street fashion Lolita styles has grown to be quite popular all over the world. Inspired by Victorian era clothing, Lolita fashion has evolved into some different sub-styles. While earlier, the term Lolita style referred to a cupcake shaped dress or knee length skirt, now the dress has various patterns, motifs and forms. Here we have talked about the different types of Lolita dress to make your choice easy.

Lolita: Influenced by Victorian and Edwardian clothing, Sweet Lolita is one of the most cutest and colourful styles of Lolita. Keeping the conventional Lolita elements intact, this style plays with more colour like light pink, peach, lavender, baby blue and childlike motifs. You will find bows, ruffles and frills in sweet Lolita dress.

Most common motifs on sweet Lolita outfits are cupcakes, strawberries, hearts, bunnies etc. Fairytale inspired Sweet Lolita outfit like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and snow white are also very common. The subcategory of sweet Lolita, bittersweet Lolita, is like a mixing of gothic Lolita and sweet Lolita. The bittersweet Lolita outfits use sweet motifs or print on black or dark fabrics.

Lolita: Largely influenced by Victorian inspired Goth style, Gothic Lolita is the most used Lolita term. Like other Lolita COSPLAY outfits, Gothic Lolita can also be distinguished with puff sleeves and bell shaped skirt. Earlier Gothic Lolita used only two colours, black and white. But now it comprises other dark shades like purple, burgundy, navy and black etc. Remember that Gothic Lolita is not a sub-style of Goth fashion but it uses some of its elements.

Lolita: Taking inspiration from Renaissance, Elizabethan, and Victorian era, Classic Lolita is a more mature and elegant style of dressing. The colours and motifs uses in Classic Lolita outfits are somewhat between the Gothic and Sweet Lolita styles, it is not as cute as Sweet Lolita and is not as dark as Gothic Lolita. Classic Lolita is all about looking classy and elegant. This is a perfect style for those who love Lolita but want a sophisticated look. The classic Lolita includes small patterns, floral prints and muted colours. To add more maturity in your overall look, the classic Lolita designs include A-line shape skirts instead of bell shaped and Empire waists.

Lolita: Influenced by the Western punk style, Punk Lolita has an edgy feel and more casual that other Lolita styles. To pull off a Punk Lolita outfit well, you must have sheer knowledge of Lolita fashion. The Punk Lolita dress uses western punk patterns like plaids, diamonds, polka dots, tartan and checkerboard. Fabric choice and accessories play important role in this style- screen printed fabrics, fishnets, deconstructed fabrics, safety pins, chains, studs are good choice. More frills and layering is the key to this style. Unlike typical western Punk styles, it is more adorable and cute.

Lolita: If you want to look bold and sexy, Ero Lolita should be your pick. It is a very controversial and misunderstood style of Lolita. The Erotic Lolita dress is shorter and the arms are often bare. This matured style of dressing uses darker shades normally and uses fetish elements like collar, leather etc. It is perhaps one of the Lolita styles, where you can wear a fishnet stockings or garters. If you are experimenting with Lolita styles for the first time, you should not attempt this dressing.

Other popular Lolita styles are Shiro, Kuro, Kodona, Hime etc. From cute, darker, fairy tell inspired to sexy Lolita dress are available in every style and patterns. Be it a garden party, marriage or any other occasion you can spice the mood with your Lolita outfits. A suitable hairstyle,accessories and make-up according to your chosen Lolita style dress, you are all set to become a head turner of any occasion. Gift yourself a Lolita dress this year as it is must have collection for your wardrobe.