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An Anime Cosplay Accesory Talk

Cosplay isn't just for the geeks to get together and act anymore, many other fun minded people are joining in on this fun fantasy world! Some people dress up in disguise to mimic their favorite characters, many of them being Japanese related.These characters appear in different places.They are taken from movies, books, video games and comics.There are many accessories that can be had, to dress up and change your appearance.Some of these are, wigs, coats and jackets, capes, shoes, swords, jewelry, bracelets, bags and purses, to name a few. Make-up is very popular too.

When you enter this world of anime cosplay fantasy you will discover hundreds of names attached to this manner of game playing. Fantastic, interesting names such as, Akatsuki, Asuna, Yuuki Chi,i Ciel, Phantomhive, Eren, Jager, Hatake, Kakashi, Ichigo, Kurosaki, Kirito, Levy, Mikasa, Ackermann and Monkey D. What and who you want to be is totally up to you; a whole new world awaits.

Let us look more closely into things you can collect and buy. The focus will be on accessories, mainly hats and other items to do with the head. At the end, will mention some safe, fake weapons you may want to have fun with.Hats.They can be found in a variety of materials. Straw is very popular, inexpensive, well made, durable and easy to care for .

Let us look at one in detail.

It is called a Luffe.Named after Monkey D. Luffy, priced under 6 dollars.This hat is trending right now, super popular in the anime cosplay realm. Another is called ''Ace''. Made from a felt like material and custom made to fit your head just right! A bit more expensive at just over 10 dollars... very good quality.

If you do not feel like wearing a hat, a headband might be in order. The Naruto Konoha Black Ninja is a cool one. Designed to make you look like a real martial arts expert! There are a variety of make believe weapons that can be had to further enhance this fantastical play world.Always keep in mind these fake weapons are made for play only!The Kiragaya Kusuto Black Sword is one such wood made accessory. It has a sheath and is priced around 70 dollars. The world of anime cosplay can be a very rewarding social activity that opens your mind, frees your soul and has the ability to have you relax for awhile and exist as someone else, if only for a little while.