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Art is undeniably an important part of a modern society since it represent a great source of pleasure and it is something that enriches and enlightens our lives and help us see what are the things that are not easily perceived and understood. There are various forms of art, but one particular that is usually associated with a Japanese culture is cosplay.

So, cosplay represent a form of art in which its participants, who are called cosplayers, wear costumes that represent a particular character. They derived its inspiration mostly from anime, comic books, video games or cartoons. This kind of art represents a significant aspect of Japanese culture but it has also spread through America. Cosplay costumes are not connected to any holiday. These costumes can be bought online, but there are also stores that sell it. Many people agree on their body modification in order to look more like their favourite characters. They wear contact lenses, copy the tattoos that their characters have and they also dye their hair. They wear costumes at many conventions that can be found around the world, and these conventions are dedicated to anime, comics, video games, science fiction etc. Americans call this costuming and it has also spread through South America and Australia.

One particular kind of cosplay that has become very popular lately is Link cosplay and it belongs to the Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda represent action-adventure series that consist of 17 official games and whose protagonist is Link. The story revolves around his rescuing of Zelda from the the grasp of the main enemy by collecting the eight fragments of the Triforce. In the game the protagonist must explore the Overworld, a large outdoor map. Gamblers, merchants and old ladies are there to guide him. He must locate nine underground dungeons, but on his way he has creatures as an obstacle. After completing this game, there is even a more complicate quest. And as far as the story is concerned, it is about golden triangles that possess mystical powers. One they these triangles were stolen by Ganon, a powerful Prince of Darkness and Zelda split it into eight fragment and hid them. Because of this Ganon got very angry and imprisoned the princess and Link went in search of her.

This character now represents the inspiration for many people, and more and more people wear his costume at cosplays. The costume consists of a green tunic, a pointed green cap ,brown boots, belt ,white shirt, fingerless gloves and white leggings. The costume can be put together very easily and there are also many clips that explain this process. Although the game was released 20 years ago it is still very popular. The guy has been a beloved hero for many years and this is a costume that you can see very often and represents an important art form.

To conclude, although Link was once considered, it has also spread through Europe, especially in UK when people eagerly anticipate this even. They even spend months sewing this costume and exchanged their costumes with others.